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12 Hidden Rewards of Making Amends (Steps 8-10)
List Price: $14.95

Finding Forgiveness and Self-Respect by Working Steps 8-10
12 Step Workbook
List Price: $10.50

The basic principles of many of the popular twelve step programs are combined in this book into one easy text, covering problems with: Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Anger, Food, Relapse, People, Places, & Things. This book will benefit anyone suffering from these destructive behaviors by using a series of open-ended questions to work the twelve steps of recovery programs.
A Good First Step (workbook)
List Price: $9.95

Using a structured format, this helpful booklet allows us to take this important "make or break" recovery step.  Over 250,000 copies sold.
A Woman's Way Through the 12 Steps
List Price: $15.95

Recovery is not a man's world, and yet to a woman it can sometimes seem that way. Geared specifically to that woman, this book brings a feminine perspective to the Twelve Step program, searching out the healing messages beneath the male-oriented words. Based on an open exploration and a flexible interpretation of the Twelve Steps, this new perspective takes into account the psychological development of women as it relates to addiction and recovery, as well as the social and cultural factors that affect women in particular.
Drop The Rock (Steps 6 & 7)
List Price: $14.95

Removing Character Defects:  Steps Six and Seven.  Resentment. Fear. Self-Pity. Intolerance. Anger. As Bill P. explains, these are the "rocks" that can sink recovery- or at the least, block further progress. Based on the principles behind Steps Six and Seven, Drop the Rock combines personal stories, practical advice, and powerful insights to help readers move forward in recovery. The second edition features additional stories and a reference section.
God is at the Meeting: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps
List Price: $11.95

Insight into a world where hurt and shame lead people to feel that they are "less than" and that they must build walls to protect themselves.  Those walls get higher and higher until alcohol seems to be the only relief.  You don't have to live that way any longer.  If you will let Him, God will walk with you through the twelve steps to sobriety and a life without walls.  By local author Maurice C.
Keep It Simple: Working the 12 Steps (workbook)
List Price: $6.30

The Twelve Steps of A.A. are vital, life-saving tools. But how do we use them effectively? Keep It Simple Working The 12 Steps is a easy-to-read and understand workbook, we discover the core issues of the 12 Steps and how to work toward making them a daily part of our lives.

Prayer & Meditation - A Guide to Step 11 (2nd EDITION)
List Price: $10.75

New second edition!  A practical guide to the life promised in step 11.  This book is a collection of "how to" suggestions from AA literature on Step 11, as well as different members' personal experiences.  The book is compiled in a user-friendly layout.
Sought Through Prayer & Meditation (11th Step)
List Price: $15.95

This special book offers fifty-two weeks of reflections, prayers, and meditations crafted by writer William G. Borchert from notes by Geno W. to uncover the many layers of meaning in the Eleventh Step.
Step 01
List Price: $3.50

Over a million people have been helped to take that first step with this easy-to-read pamphlet. The author provides an in-depth understanding of the first step in the 12 Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Step 1: The Foundations of Recovery also provides a table that outlines the stages of addiction and recovery.